The advantage of not throwing your blog in the trash.

“I don’t agree with everything that comes out of my mouth.”
–  Dan Savage, interview with the Daily Pennsylvanian, October 10th, 2006

I don’t like everything I’ve written.  Some of it’s fine, but not all of it.  Some of it’s “bleh”.  So I was thinking of starting a new blog.  One where my identity didn’t revolve around being “involuntarily celibate for eight years”.  Because why would I want that as my fucking identity?  And yet, if I started a new blog, there’s a good chance that somewhere down the line – probably sooner rather than later – I’d write another this-will-embarrass-me-later post.  Then I’d have to throw that blog away, and so on and so forth.

So I’m keeping the blog.  There are advantages to having a blog that’s already somewhat “fucked up”, so to speak.  Just like there are advantages to having a life that’s already somewhat fucked up.  Things aren’t so precious, and you don’t have to spend your time making all your nowhere plans for nobody.

And I thought I’d broaden the scope.  Talk about more things, try to make it a little more honest.  Me, I’m a middle aged man.  Early middle age.  I graduated from law school a few years ago, but I’ve never found work as a lawyer.  I have a shitload of non-dischargeable student loan debt.  That’s my situation.  (I’ll add here that I’m not going to talk about every damn thing, because some things I don’t want to unpack and I’d just as soon not turn this into a garish confessional – that genre is both cringe inducing and tedious.)

And one more thing.  I don’t stand by everything I’ve ever said.  I don’t agree with everything that comes out of my mouth, and I’m glad I don’t.  Life is so much more interesting when you can change your mind from time to time.

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3 Responses to The advantage of not throwing your blog in the trash.

  1. Feckless says:

    I had to write a disclaimer recently where I distance myself from what I have written there. But anyhow, your blog is great.

  2. Danny says:

    Basically. We have to allow for room to change and grow.

    I was seriously considering deleting my blog a few months ago (or at least going through and clearing some of the posts out). But in the end I figured why bother. Chances are I would accumulate more things that I would want to get rid of so why not just let it all pile on my one blog.

  3. ballgame says:

    Welcome back, Miguel! Glad to see you’re still around; I look forward to reading your new stuff.

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