“Fight Club” and “Stiffed”

There’s a movie that came out called “Fight Club,” which I saw, but don’t remember if I sat through it all or not.  There was something about them taking a piece of corporate sculpture and removing it, and there was some guy walking around his office after he’d gotten punched a few times.

There’s a book that came out called “Stiffed,” which I think I paged through while sitting in Barnes & Noble.  Something about some guys in a bowling alley.  At the Barnes & Noble was a young woman who worked at the café who also did work with At Risk Youth, and I vaguely remember exchanging pleasantries with her about gang hand signals.

Next to the café there was a door they’d sometimes open when the weather was nice, and I’d find a pleasant and surprising olfactory peculiarity to springtime, which was odd because it happens predictably every year.  But my memory about reading “Stiffed” can’t be right, because it came out in 2000, and I wasn’t living near the Barnes & Noble then.

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